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Dyckman Houses Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

Recommended Commercial Freezer Maintenance And Repair Services Dyckman Houses

Commercial freezers are crucial for keeping various perishable goods frozen until the time comes to make use of them. It is critical to provide regular maintenance and good repair to your freezers in order to avoid any major breakdowns from occurring. In our commercial refrigeration repair company, we can say that the correct maintenance and repair operations of your commercial freezers are necessary to your business operations, which is the reason we offer the top Dyckman Houses maintenance and repair services.

Top Rated Walk In Freezer Repair Dyckman Houses New York

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Our skilled and certified technicians can fix all makes and models of freezers. They are trained and skilled in diagnosing and troubleshooting a number of issues that you might face. It doesn’t matter if you would like planned maintenance, a new installation, or an unexpected emergency repair done, Cooler U Refrigeration Repair Dyckman Houses and can offer services from our expert technicians to protect your investment and keep your business up and running.

Service You Can Trust For Commercial Reach In Freezer Repair

Have confidence in our services for any servicing and repairs to your commercial freezer. We say you bet to each and every job, large or small. From big walk-in commercial freezers to under-counter ones, we provide the best services at very affordable and competitive prices. We really understand how important commercial freezers are to many industries and what they require, and we make it happen as soon as we can when our clients need us.

Commercial Freezer Repair Repair in Dyckman Houses

No matter where you will be in Dyckman Houses, ring us so our technicians can head to you right away. Many around Dyckman Houses already consider us among the best in the local industry. So the as soon as you need commercial freezer maintenance or service, don’t wait for a significant malfunction to happen, go ahead and call us to get our technicians dispatched there today! 917-243-9092

Top Walk In Cooler Repair Dyckman Houses 10034

Our company is on a mission to provide quality services, timely repairs, fast response time and guaranteed results. Unlike other companies in the market, we are completely transparent, without concealed costs. We warranty satisfaction. We will provide free repair estimations, and there are no concealed charges or unexpected expenditures to be tacked to your expenses.

Dyckman Houses Cooler U Refrigeration Repair are experts that specialize in all residential and commercial appliance repair service aspects. Our company is fully insured, licensed, and bonded. We can work with both commercial and residential appliances, and our services include:


Industrial refrigerator service

  • Walk in coolers and freezers servicing and repairs
  • Reachin cooler repair services
  • Reach-in freezer repair
  • Refrigerated display cases
  • Glass door coolers servicing
  • Supermarket refrigeration systems
  • Bottle coolers
  • Under-counter products servicing and maintenance
  • Meats and poultry displays
  • Worktop Units
  • Deli reach in cases
  • Commercial prep table service and repair

Commercial Walk In Box Repairs – Gasket Repair Services

We are focused on offering the best service and we always put safe practices and quality first. Our comprehensive experience and wide knowledge allow our experts to identify and repair any make and model of appliance in a timely and reliable manner. No job is too big or too small for all of us and we are pleased to work with any appliance. This can help us deal with all types of commercial and residential jobs.

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Our team includes skilled, highly talented and expert technicians, who work on a 24/7 basis to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations by providing state of the art maintenance service on commercial refrigeration systems. We use the best machines, tools, and ways to get your machines up and running again.

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Commercial Refrigerator Repair Services

Ensuring that your commercial refrigerators are in its best condition plays a critical role, specially when you’re running a business. If it happens to go out it could compromise an entire day’s business. The answer is having a go-to company for your commercial refrigeration repair. However, when this happens, the answer is pretty straightforward – Dyckman Houses Cooler U Refrigeration Repair.


Commercial Fridge Repair Service Nearby Dyckman Houses

Freezers and refrigerators are one of the most popular home appliances in every person’s daily life. Most current technical progress requires us to keep improving such appliances every few years or so, to keep pace with the latest systems and also to enjoy their benefits to the fullest. The only way to survive in such a active and competitive marketplace is to provide our clients the best information on the best appliances and the latest cutting edge technologies.

Same Day Commercial Refrigerator Services Near Me Dyckman Houses 10034

We take great pride as a business in supplying value to our customers by educating them on any updates or knowledge they require to help keep up to date with changes to appliances, and we do it frequently. We upgrade our knowledge, equipment and tools on aregular basis, to be able to provide our clients comprehensive and reliable services, it doesn’t matter how modern their kitchen appliances are. They understand the need to offer timely, professional repair because any delays could increase the refrigeration system repair needs and perhaps, cause severe loss. Each time our company gets a call for repairs we offer a very quick response. Our techs will help in all parts of commercial refrigeration repair. They are familiar with commercial cooler repair as well as restaurant refrigerator repair.

Some company owners make the error of thinking they are really capable of troubleshooting their appliances. The only problem is that refrigerator repair is not as simple as it might appear to be and the fixes themselves may need a professional to give it immediate attention..

Our company is authorized to repair and take care of any brand, and you don’t have to worry about anything else. We are authorized to repair any known brand, so you can rely on us to help you, regardless of your make or model.

Each of our vans and technicians are thoroughly outfitted meaning that they have the things they need to tackle the most difficult problems just as soon as they get there. We have the capability and authorized to correct any brand. This gives you the guarantee that you’ll always get the most effective service regardless of the make or model you have.

Need Restaurant Refrigeration Repair Services?

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A restaurant commercial refrigeration problem can completely stop your business, and sometimes end in losing products worth 1000s of dollars if they are left for a long enough period of time. At Cooler U Refrigeration Repair Dyckman Houses, our refrigeration repair team is usually prepared to assist you with any restaurant refrigeration conditions that you might have. We will arrive at your location within hours, to detect the situation, and also to perform the needed fixes to make your restaurant refrigeration systems functional again.

Our goal is always to get your refrigeration system once again up and running while reducing the amount of time and product damage for your restaurant. Our refrigeration repair staff has the knowledge and experience to make sure refrigeration repair is done in a timely, reliable, and affordable manner. If you own bistro and are fighting your commercial refrigeration at all, Cooler U Refrigeration Repair Dyckman Houses provides the skills and experience you need to get your system functional again


Restaurant Commercial Refrigeration Systems Best Maintenance Services in Dyckman Houses

Would you like to lengthen the performance and life-span of your commercial refrigerator, freezer, or walk-in cooler? Experience restaurant commercial refrigeration maintenance services scheduled in Dyckman Houses today! 917-243-9092


Best In Restaurant Freezer Repairs


We’ve been in business for more than 15 years. In all this time, we’ve been able to develop a solid track record for obtaining the know-how and experience that make it possible for us to give better services to our clients. We are conscious of the fact that providing top quality services at competitive rates isn’t enough to keep our clients happy. We also value an ethical and honest working relationship with our clients. Contact us today for all of your restaurant commercial refrigeration repair needs in Dyckman Houses New York. Call to schedule an appointment at 917-243-9092.

Thе Necessity Of Ice Maсhines Fоr Cоmmercial Use

portable ice maker repair Dyckman Houses NY

Bеliеvе it оr nоt, but more than 1.2 mіllіon ice makers are оperating in thе USA in such places as restaurants аnd cafes, hoѕpitalѕ and hotels, not to mention mаnу other commercіal facilities. Ice machines are popular all yeаr rоund and obviouslу in hоspitals and mediсal сenterѕ theу are uѕеd fоr purpоses not only оf drіnkіng cоld drinkѕ but also fоr medіcal goаls. Thе sprіng аnd summеr months, when іt is particularly hot, ice machineѕ can bеcоmе even more wіdely uѕed everуwhere аs thе populatіon is trуіng to stаy hуdrated and cооl in the hеat.


Ice comeѕ in different shapes and ѕіzeѕ, such as rеctangular and сresсent, pillow-ѕhaped or pure cube. Flake and cruѕhed ice hаѕ become extremely populаr in recent years duе to thе popularity оf fruit ice аnd smoothiеs that are sоld in mаnу placеs during thе summer. Ice makеrs are uѕually made оf stаinless ѕtееl whісh dоes not just рrevent corroѕion but alѕo provides that ѕlееk еlеgant look that dоеs rеflеct thе coolness оf thе ice itself. Coѕt savings are very importаnt when it comes to operating any type оf machinerу in industries, inсluding thе above mentioned machines. Bеcausе they are avaіlable in diffеrеnt typеs of energу efficiencies, thе fаctor оf being green and cost-effective саn be controllеd by thе сlient, and shоuld be сonsidered when chooѕing a machine.


In order to рick the right machine the оwnеr оf a business оr organіzatіon needs to conѕider аnd calculatе the requіred capacity оf thе item, аnd decide whether іt needs heаvy dutу (faѕt fооd rеstаurаnt) or wіll be uѕеd оn аn on-and-off basіs (hоtеl lobby). Whеn thе ice maker is believed to be uѕed rarelу іt is importаnt not to oversize it becаuse energy lоsses during standby time can be huge.

Noіse levels are also important for аll typеs оf commercіal usе but of cоurse thіѕ factor is more relevаnt in organizationѕ such as sсhools and hospitals. Reliability іѕ аn impоrtant fаctor to consider when purсhasing ice preparatiоn maсhinery because theу should ѕеrvе оwners for years without problems аs repairs can be рroblematic and difficult to fix аt timеs. Easily mаintаinаble modelѕ can be the оptiоn that is the mоst desіrable. Regular clеaning аnd sрecial sanitation treatment are аll a muѕt fоr thе ice makerѕ to ѕеrvе fоr longer, аnd all thе staff who work with thеm nееd to get enоugh trеаtmеnt.

If the аrеа for thе ice maker іѕ known for hіgh сoѕtѕ оf watеr then іt is beѕt to chooѕe machіnes that take less wаter. Installation conѕiderationѕ should аlѕo play a big рart because аll expensive equipment has to be іnstalled bу a true professional who knowѕ what he is doing. Ice mаkers can be free ѕtanding аnd portable, whiсh don’t nееd to be installed because theу are mоbile. Everу commеrcial enterprise has its own nееds and considerations so іt is importаnt to weіgh in аll thе factоrs to mаke the rіght decisiоns аbout which ice machine to purchase. Combining reliability wіth hіgh quality, аѕ well as energy effiсienсy, is thе best way to gо.

Commercial Stove and Range Repair Services in Dyckman Houses – Restaurant Gas Appliance Repair

Although gas and electric ranges, ovens, and stoves can be operated easily, repairs can sometimes be more difficult. These repairs may include temperature fixes, surface element repairs, and electrical problems. It is essential to take care of your appliances regularly and maintain their efficiency.

Vulcan Stove Repair Dyckman Houses NY

These are common problems with Commercial Ovens and Stoves.

  • Range isn’t baking.
  • The electric range won’t turn on
  • Baking is not possible in the oven or range.
  • The cooktop elements don’t get hot.
    The appliance’s timer is not progressing
  • The appliance doesn’t heat when broiling.
  • Oven is too hot.
  • The appliance control panel doesn’t program.

We can help you with any type of repair or routine maintenance, including repairing your stove, oven, or range. Because we are familiar with all aspects of oven repair, stove repair and range repair, we can restore your appliance to its original working condition.

Expert Restaurant Appliance Repair & Maintenance in Dyckman Houses is dedicated to providing high-quality restaurant appliance repairs & maintenance. Having an appliance system repair can be expensive, so we make it our priority to ensure any diagnoses provided is in your best interest.

The team at Cooler U Refrigeration Repair can help you, whether your stove range or refrigerator stops working when you most need it or you are looking for energy standards-compliant solutions. We are specialists in commercial refrigeration units. Preventative maintenance is also available to keep your appliances running smoothly and safely.

Contact us to book your next appointment.

Cleaning Tips For Range Tops

There are many top options for commercial ranges. Each top must be cleaned in a specific way to preserve its cooking efficiency.

Cleaning a French top. Spot clean throughout the day in order to wipe up spillages and maintain heat transfer. Wipe the French top clean with warm soapy waters at the end. This will give it a deeper clean and increase its durability.

Cleaning a top griddle. Use a grill brick to clean the griddle top at the end every day. Then, once a week, remove any grease from the griddle. Season the griddle as often as you need.

Cleaning a hot top. While the cooking surface is still slightly warm, wipe it down with a coarse cloth (like burlap), and scrape off any burnt-on food. If the hot surface becomes excessively filthy, remove it and wash in warm, soapy waters. To prevent rust from occurring, the hot roof should be dried and wiped with light oil.

Cleaning gas open burners. At the end of each day, the burner grates need to be removed, cleaned and dried. You should clean the burner ports (the area where the flame passes through) with a wire brush. To ensure a flame, it is important to clean out any clogs in the burner. The flame must also be blue and steady. The port could be blocked or the gas-to air mixture may not be working properly if it’s jumpy, yellow, or white. This mixture can be adjusted by consulting the owner’s manual.

Monitoring Flame and Electric Elements Is Necessary To Ensure Proper Heating

Check flame on commercial gas ranges. After cleaning the range at end of shift, turn on each burner and check the flame. The flame should be steady and blue.

Turn off the burner if the flame seems jumpy. Adjust the screw that holds the flame shutter. Make any adjustments necessary.

You can create a schedule for cleaning commercial ovens, calibrating them, checking their temperatures, descaling dish-machines, and any other equipment maintenance.

The shutter can be slightly opened if the flame is too bright or yellow. This will allow for proper airflow.

Once you’ve got the flame where it should be, tighten up the shutter.

The port may be clogged if the pilot stops lighting up. It should always be unplugged.

Commercial Oven Repair in Dyckman Houses – Gas, Convection and Pizza Oven Repairs

Cooler U Refrigeration Repair fully understands the importance that your commercial oven, stove or range oven is for your Dyckman Houses food establishment or business. We provide affordable, high-quality repair services to ensure that your business runs smoothly no matter where it is.

Imperial Commercial Oven Repair Dyckman Houses NY

Your thermostat may be faulty if your oven heats up excessively or is too low. You may also need to calibrate your thermostat. Ask our experts to diagnose and fix this problem.

Unsafe thermostats installed in commercial ovens/ranges can cause unreliable temperature measurements, unevenly-cooked food, and unhappy clients. We can help you get back on your feet in no time.

You may have a faulty thermocouple. Ask a technician at Cooler U Refrigeration Repair to handle this technical commercial gas oven repair.

If you’re dealing with any of these problems or another issue, the experts at xfield_company can diagnose and repair your commercial stove – range or commercial oven quickly and professionally. The longer any piece of your commercial kitchen equipment is out of commission, the more it could cost you in lost business!

Our skilled technicians can handle all commercial stove and oven repairs in Dyckman Houses We will fix your problem no matter how complex it is. Repairing or servicing commercial cookware can be tricky. This is why it’s important to work with qualified professionals. We at Cooler U Refrigeration Repair can handle all aspects of commercial oven repairs so you can get on with your business. Reduce down-time, eliminate mistakes, and get your equipment repaired or installed right the first time!

Your appliances may need to be repaired or maintained at some point. No one can provide you with these services better than our skilled and certified appliance repair technicians. Our services can be performed on a variety of oven brands and models.

We are the best option for reliable and quick repair services. We have the most qualified technicians to fix your problem, no matter if your range or oven doesn’t heat up when it’s turned on, or if it won’t turn off at all. We have many local repair professionals available 24 hours a day, ready to help you in an emergency.

Never lose one day of business! Knowing your equipment can breakdown at any time, Cooler U Refrigeration Repair. Offers 24/7 Emergency Service for New York County.

Contact us today at 917-243-9092 if you need assistance with repair of commercial restaurant equipment. Cooler U Refrigeration Repair staff is available to service any location in Dyckman Houses even New York County.

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